Why Buying American Matters

Let’s face it, it just feels better when you buy something made in the USA! With the onset of the Pandemic, many of us realized how unprepared we were to survive without imported items. It suddenly became apparent that if we want our country to survive, we need to invest in American people, American Businesses and American products! An easy way to do this is to choose to buy American products when there’s a choice. More and more companies are moving their manufacturing back to America so there are more and more choices of American made products to buy. Here are the top 3 reasons why Buying American matters:

  1. It's time to support our neighbors! Buying American made products creates jobs for people in our local communities. It takes hands to make products here so local companies hire local people to work in their factories. The more business the companies have, the more products they need to make, and that means they hire more Americans  to work. 
  2. American Made products are quality products. American workers take pride in their work and product high quality products that last. Everyone is sick of cheap items that break after the first time you use them. Items made in the USA  are made from materials that are strong and durable. 
  3. Local economies benefit from buying American made products. From tax dollars to local merchants, keeping American dollars in American helps Americans. Our country needs to have local businesses making things in American so the next time a pandemic hits, our country will be self-sufficient and we won’t have to rely on other countries for the things we need here.

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