NEW! American Made Ribbed Towel Collections

Are you looking for new towels? Perhaps towels that are the perfect combination of absorbent, a great color, and American-made? Look for further than our NEW American Made Ribbed Towel Collections!

Introducing our Blue Ridge Collection - Luxury American Made Ribbed Cotton Towels AND our National Park Collection - Bleach & Dye Free Natural American Made Ribbed Cotton Towels


These towel collections are designed with super dense ribbed terry channels that create dynamic air pockets that work to decrease drying time and enhance absorbency. We've spent a long time designing the perfect towel that is absorbent, soft, and durable.

Both collections feature an XL Bath Towel. It is 25% BIGGER than most bath towels on the market, but it's the same price as most regular sized bath towels. This means more bang for your buck!   



Additionally, our National Park Towel Collection has a special history. Originally, cotton was green, brown or natural in color, not the bright white we associate it with today. Because this line is bleach and dye free, our towels take it back to the original cotton color, a beautiful natural hue. Make your bathroom not only luxurious, but also chemical-free and all natural!

From seed to stitch, these towels are all American. They are the only ribbed 100% American towel on the market. By purchasing these towels, you are supporting local American businesses, American workers, and American homes.


Which is your favorite color towel? Leave a comment below!

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