Why Monogrammed Bath Mats Add A Little Extra To Your Home Bathroom

We all love bath mats for the obvious reasons: they keep our feet warm when stepping out of a steamy shower onto a cold floor, they prevent us from slipping, and, when coordinated with your towels, they tie the bathroom together. Here at American Home USA, we take bath mats one step further … by adding a FREE personalized monogram.

Here’s our top reasons why adding that monogram adds a little extra to your bathroom!

  1. Add a Personal Touch — When you have a monogrammed bath mat, you’re adding a personal touch to your bathroom. You and your initials get to be the star. For this reason, our Monogrammed Bath Mats also make great gifts!
  2. Look Professional — When paired with our Made in the USA Monogrammed Luxury Towels, our Bath Mats make any bathroom look instantly like the hotel bathroom of your dreams.
  3. Feel Good About Your Purchase — Not only are our Bath Mats made entirely in the USA, but they’re also embroidered and individually made-to-order in America. So, you know you’re getting a one of a kind item!


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