Three Uses for Kitchen Towels


We recently launched a Made in the USA 100% Cotton Kitchen Collection and have been getting rave reviews! Between our kitchen/dish towels, our napkins, and our pot holders and oven mitts, customers have been loving every product. Specifically, the versatility of the products!

Take our Kitchen Towels, for example. With your choice of five different color combinations, these towels have many functions. Here are three of our most practical uses for them:

  1. Stain Remover — Simply swipe one of these towels over any spill or stain in the kitchen and it will be gone within seconds. They’re super absorbent and a sustainable swap to paper towels.
  2. Hand Protector — In the same vein, our towels can also be used as a sustainable swap for paper napkins. Quickly wipe away anything that got on your hands during cooking, easy as that!
  3. Elbow Greaser — If you’ve got something to clean up that isn’t just a quick spritz on the kitchen table, these towels can do it as well. They get more absorbent the more you use them, so they will clean up major messes and essentially do the work for you!

What’s your favorite use for a kitchen towel? Leave a comment below.

Check out the entire Kitchen Collection here.

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