Oven Mitts Versus Potholders - Similarities and Differences

If you are a cook, you know that grabbing a hot pot handle really hurts! Having the right protection is key for everyone who bakes, grills, or cooks. It’s best to handle hot cookware with oven mitts or potholders and while there are lots of materials that are used to make these items, we believe that cotton (especially American cotton!) is the most versatile. It’s good for the environment (compared to silicone and other plastics) and works just as well! We actually like cotton MORE because it feels better on the skin. 

While oven mitts and potholders have many differences, they do share some similarities. They both can be used for shielding skin from touching hot plates and pans, and they both are essentials in the kitchen. 

The difference between these two kitchen helpers is that oven mitts are more helpful (and safe!) for grabbing things out of the oven and touching things with a handle. Because oven mitts cover your entire hand and forearm, they provide protection for when grabbing dishes out of a hot oven, or when gripping a hot pot or pan. One downside is that once they are on, while they ARE protective, it can be slightly hard to maneuver (i.e. chop, dice, cut). We love our oven mitts, but once we are done handling that hot plate or pan, we rip them right off to get back to cooking! This is where pot holders shine. They are quick and easy to use (no need to stop and put them on right) - you can just grab and use! And when you’re done, quickly toss aside and continue cooking. The only downside of pot holders is that they’re not large enough to cover your entire hand and forearm when reaching into the oven or over a steaming pan. SO - it’s best to have BOTH of these kitchen essentials side-by-side in the kitchen so you’re fully protected when dealing with hot stuff! (we even have a few extra pairs of oven mitts and potholders on backup, in case our first set gets dirty). For more tips and tricks on other ways to use oven mitts and pot holders (in the kitchen and outside the kitchen), check out: these guys and these guys.

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