New! Lake Tahoe Undyed/Unbleached Natural Towels

In case you didn't hear, we have a new color of our best-selling Lake Tahoe Towel Collection! This new color is special, not only because it's a beautiful natural hue, but also because it's completely undyed and unbleached. 

These luxurious towels celebrate the pure beauty of natural cotton. These towels are undyed and unbleached, so they're good for your body and good for the environment. They are incredibly soft, extremely absorbent, and you'll feel good about your purchase.

Available as a bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, and sets, the beautiful natural color of these towels is sure to match any bathroom aesthetic. Add a modern single hem border with a beautifully detailed dobby and you have a towel that is both soothing to the touch and timelessly beautiful.

Have you tried undyed/unbleached towels? Leave us a comment below about your experience!

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